Goodbye Mother

I have a lot of Mother-of-millions plants. I love them. Because they're triffids: really aggressive growers that spill their babies into neighbouring pots which then grow and try to strangle smaller, more meek plants. Yeahh! 
Jack hates them though. They are a little bit ugly I guess. 
Well, anyway, the mother of all my mothers did a dirty great flower the other day which spat sticky powder all over the window. Then she curled over and her leaves got gnarled and she sent out hairy little roots all over her limbs, desperately searching for some more soil. 
Jack gave me a sideways eyes look and suggested her time might be up. I was sad to admit it but he was right. So I put the monster in the bin. And as I pushed her down I snapped a woody stem and the resulting sharp edge was forced in to the palm of my hand. I got a proper cut of it, a big gash right in the middle of my hand.
It really hurt.
It's like a bloody Stephen King novel round my ends sometimes.

Noel'le Longhaul

Here is a interesting interview on with tattoo artist (and all sorts of other artist too) Noel'le Longhaul. I don't know how to write down all my thoughts about the things raised . . . but I really identify with the idea of gender being a spectrum rather than absolute. 

Wiener Werkstatte

Been having a nice time in the V&A archives this evening, then moved on to the Met, then got hooked in to the Wiener Werkstatte textiles stuff and ended up strolling all over the internet finding my favourite bits. Here they are, in case you're interested.

(I think this one's a funny scan of a piece of fabric but I like the effect it's made it a lot)

And they're not textiles but these baskets by Josef Hoffman are dreamy too eh?

Rose De Borman

We've got Rose De Borman at the shop! She's showing June 24th - July 6th. Exciting stuff. Find out more here.
If you don't know her work you should go sit on a step and think about your life or something: you're missing all the good stuff. I'm going to be investing in a little of her work, you should probably try and get in there before me - see you there!

Latvian Treasure

We went to Latvia! Me and Takako. To buy stuff for the shop (which we managed). I also managed to buy some nice things for myself . . . 
This handsome hand knitted jumper that smells ever so slightly sheepy still - very nice. Just needs a healthy dose of dinner down the front of it to complete my signature comfy/cosy look.
Hand knitted socks in the best yellow.
A couple of things for my next year Easter display: so cute!
This cushion cover is my favourite thing: very Rothko no?
Handsome wooden spoons
One for sugar, and the long thin one has just ended up on my bedside table: pretty weird but I don't want to put it in the kitchen yet, someone might use it.
And finally this very nice brooch which is actually just a cheap plastic one but that looks dead nice I think.

Thank you Latvia - we'll be back.