Herby summer

I'm trying to grow and use more herbs these days - and I've got to tell you about Sorrel because I think it might be the best one. It's really lemony and fresh: it tastes a lot like the colour green might. I have two sorts on my sill and I've been bungin' it in with salads and chopping it up with yoghurt to have with potatoes and last night we had loads of it in a fish pie. It's really good. Next I think I would like to use it to make a pudding.
Broad leaf sorrel and French sorrel.

 Next on the list is chervil - any recommendations?

Shhh . . .

I'm coming back here.
Don't tell anyone. I made that snazzy website and it's going really well and I think I have to use it for real, businessy stuff. So I'm coming back to this blog for other doings: for jabbering and ranting and using words like knob and, heck, maybe even fuck.
See you again soon.


Here it is chumlies.  photo P8103582_zps11af9f35.jpgThis post isn't just to show you this damned nifty picture . . .
It's to tell you that I've made a dirty great . . . stinkin' . . . show-off . . . website. And you can look at it here: www.jowaterhouse.com
And this blog will be moving over there from now - it's pretty nice, the comments format is all efficient and chatty and the layout is good. I hope you'll still like visiting.
It's proper scary telling you folks and I don't think it's finished yet but if I waited for it to be finished before I showed you it might never happen.
So there you go.
Tell me what you think.

A new friend and it's friends

Here is the last friend in the gang - it's a turtoise. It's a characterful small beast, all lollop and bibble-bobble with it's tiny limbs. photo P82042002_zps8245c308.jpgI will photograph it better soon - it's got quite a glorious undercarriage. I've been a bit busy in my nest stuffing and sewing. With only the radio for company. photo P8274380_zps5d239b07.jpgSoon they're all going into a Designers Makers pop-up on Colombia Road. Where I think they'll fit in rather well. photo P8194137_zps5074b97b.jpgAll those cuddly folk lying around comatose on my sofa: it's like an exotic, underwater opium den.
So there you go - a triptych. Very good.

A small collection.

I have a small collection of watering can roses that I really rather love. They're all handsome metal ones of course - none of that green plastic muck. I thought I would take the opportunity today to parade them in front of you. photo P8194173_zpsd528ded1.jpgThis is the biggest one - hello.  photo P8194171_zps6197f006.jpgThis one is slightly smaller but stands up of its own accord, which is rather good.  photo P8194169_zps2b538a1b.jpgI like all their shapes and perforations, they have real character. This one is handsome in copper. photo P8194164_zps0ea24635.jpgThe slightest variations are nice in a collection. I always think of the effort that goes into manufacturing even the tiniest things: the constant tweaking and improving photo P8194163_zpse5cef5ab.jpg  photo P8194159_zps9c3266d3.jpg  photo P8194150_zps460f07e9.jpg  photo P8194148_zps0a694c1d.jpg
conical  photo P8264360_zpsf022ced7.jpgAnd these teeny little one entered the brood this weekend - courtesy of my Mum.
So there you go. It's always good to have a hobby, even if it is collecting watering can roses.

In other news. I'm headed down to Devon tomorrow to play my guitar and sing songs in front of a room full of people. What a strange thing to do - when I was asked it seemed so far in the future I just flippantly said I'd do it. But now the future is quickly becoming the present and I'm feeling a little bit completely unprepared. The Wolves, who organised it, are dead good - go look at their website.
I'll let you know how it goes.